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About Anastasia Wilson

Anastasia Wilson

Actor. Devising Artist. Flamenco-er.

Anastasia is an Atlanta based actor who is also an instructor at Drama Inc and Professor at Georgia State University. 

Anastasia’s foundation is largely based in movement and devised theatre, drawing upon Lecoq (neutral mask, clowning, physical theatre), Linklater and Roy Hart.

She is currently in the process of earning her Linklater Voice Designation.

She holds an MFA in Physical Theatre from Accademia Dell' Arte in Arezzo, Italy and a B.A. in Theatre from The University of Maryland.  Born in the Midwest, she also calls Arezzo, Italy her second home.  She has performed, devised, instructed, and trained across the U.S and all over the globe including, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ghana, Morocco, Czech Republic, and Slovakia to name a handful.

When Anastasia is not on set or on stage she can be found Flamenco dancing or sharing her body care line of body butters and balms


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