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Black and White Star in Circle

"[LadyM is] acted by a trio of fearless women ...their physicality is commanding: each floats or shoots across the stage in dance-inspired steps. They act and move like witches, but the kind of witch you’d want to get a fair-trade coffee with."


DC Metro Theatre Arts - Elizabeth Ballou


To Know A Veil

DC Theatre Scene

"Kate Folsom, Neelam Patel , Naima Ramos-Chapman, Selome Samuel, and Anastasia Wilson – mesmerize with choreography that is seamlessly emotive and erotic, driving a contemplative spirit that expresses femininity, sexuality and gender roles with an inquiring approach."


Deep Belly Beautiful

DC Theatre Scene

"Anastasia Wilson’s Anna Lee is a delightfully willful charmer in a flowing full-length summer dress, revealing assets galore with her womanly charms."



Maryland Theatre Guide

"Anastasia Wilson as Reverend Stacy feels the pull of temptation and doubt with such absolute sincerity that we might all want to reassure her."